Municipality Videos

Municipality Videos

The SnowMax snowplow system on the Cushman 1600 XD
In this video we demonstrate the SnowMax, a standalone snowplow capable of attaching to nearly any UTV. With hydraulic angling, hydraulic vertical movement, rake angling and hydraulic down pressure, the SnowMax is a perfect fit for your UTV. Very quick installation (5-10 Minutes) with no drilling or welding required.


Farmboy HD Pulling a Box Blade on the Rear of a Bobcat Toolcat 5600
In this video we demonstrate the versatility the Farmboy HD provides to the Bobcat Toolcat 5600. While we show the Farmboy HD pulling a box blade in this video, this is far from the only use it provides. With this 3-point hitch the Toolcat could now operate aerators, planters and disc harrows, as well as any other standard Category 1 implements.


Farmboy Pulling a Box Blade Behind a Kubota RTV 1100
In this video we show the Farmboy pulling a box blade behind the Kubota RTV 1100. This 450 lb box blade is not the only implement the Farmboy is able to operate, however, because the Farmboy is a standard Category 0 and 1 3-point hitch.


Kubota RTV 1100 using the Plowboy and Hydraulic Kit
Here we have removed the FARMBOY from the rear of the Kubota RTV 110 and installed it on the front, along with our snow plow (The Plowboy). We have also added our Hydraulic Kit, which allows for adjusting the height and the tilt of the Plowboy with just a flick of a switch. The weight of this complete unit is 230 lbs, well within Kubota factory specifications.


Kubota RTV 900 with the Plowboy and Hydraulic Kit
In this video we are demonstrating the Plowboy, our 3 point snowplow. Also equipped on this Kubota RTV 900 is the Farmboy, as well as our Hydraulic Kit. The Hydraulic Kit is what allows the plow to change from going up and down, to going side to side, with just the flick of a switch.


Kubota 900 with our Farmboy pulling a Grade Master
In this video we have a Kubota 900 equipped with our Farmboy pulling a Grade Master at Poplarville Kubota Sales in Mississippi.


Kubota RTV 900 equipped with our Farmboy and Plowboy snow plowing
In this video we have attached both our Farmboy 3-point hitch and our hydraulic angling snowplow (the Plowboy) to a RTV 900. Our system provides hydraulic down pressure, allowing you to dig into tough patches of ice an snow. This is also useful for back dragging and clearing out areas in front of garages and doors.