Farm Videos

Farm Videos

Farmboy HD Moving Round Bales on the Rear of the Bobcat Toolcat 5600
In this video we are proving the sturdiness of the Farmboy HD. Our 3-point hitch lifts a 1200 lb. round bale with ease. Add this to the Toolcat’s ability to lift a round bale on the front as well and moving these heavy bales becomes much quicker and easier when you can carry two at a time. As you can see, the Farmboy HD doesn’t struggle at all to keep the round bale raised, even going over bumpy ground.


Farmboy HD Operating a Disc Harrow on a Bobcat Toolcat 5600
In this video we show the Farmboy HD using a disc harrow behind a Bobcat Toolcat 5600. Not only does the Farmboy HD have 1200 lbs of lifting capability, but also the same amount of down pressure. This allows the Farmboy HD to drive the disc harrow into the ground without the need for weights.


Farmboy HD Operating a 3-Row Planter on a Bobcat Toolcat 5600
In this video we are demonstrating the versatility the Farmboy HD provides to the Bobcat Toolcat 5600. Whether its planting, aerating, or carrying round bales, the 1200 lb lifting ability of the Farmboy HD allows the Toolcat to maximize its potential. The 1200 lbs of hydraulic down pressure even allows the option of no till planting.


The Farmboy on the RTV 1100 pulling a 600 lb. 3 row planter
Here we have our Farmboy attached to the rear of an RTV 1100, carrying and pulling a 600 lb., John Deere 3 row planter. There are no counterweights on the Kubota and the vehicle still remains firmly planted on the ground. The hydraulic down pressure capability (600 lbs.) of the Farmboy allows for no-till planting if the user wants to.


Kubota RTV 900 with the Farmboy pulling a Cultivator with Fertilizer side dresser
This video demonstrates the Farmboy 3-point hitch in action. The Kubota RTV is using the Farmboy with the Cultivator attachment.


Kubota RTV 500 equipped with our RTV 500 Hydraulic Kit
We are making the Kubota RTV 500 more versatile with our unique, custom hydraulic pump system. This hydraulic kit gives the Kubota RTV 500 hydraulic capability. This system is now available.


Kubota RTV 900 with the Farmboy 3-point hitch carrying a 600lb sprayer
This video shows the Farmboy 3-point hitch in action. The Kubota RTV 900 is using the Farmboy attachment from UTV Hitchworks to carry and operate the Sprayer attachment.

Kubota 900 with our Farmboy carrying a FIMCO Industries fertilizer spreader
Here we show a Kubota RTV 900 carrying a 400 lb. FIMCO Industries fertilizer spreader with the help of our “Farmboy”.


Kubota RTV 1100 using “The Farmboy” to plant Sweet Corn
In this video we are demonstrating the down-pressure the Farmboy can provide, as well as showing another instance of increased usefulness it provides Kubota RTV owners. Here we are using a John Deere Flex 71 3 row planter. The Farmboy is also capable of applying 600 lbs. of down-pressure, giving us the option of no-till planting.


Adjustable 2/4 Knife Liquid Fertilizer Applicator
In this video we are demonstrating one of our inventions – an Adjustable 2/4 Knife Liquid Fertilizer Applicator. This implement is perfect for fertilizing a smaller farm. With a 15 gallon Fimco tank attached, the implement is sized perfectly for fertilizing an acre. This Liquid Fertilizer Applicator has either a power or gravity controlled flow with a power sprayer attached for above ground application. It is designed for 15-30 Horsepower vehicles and works perfectly on the rear of small tractors and UTVs. The stands attached to either side fold up and down quickly and easily, make storage simple when not using this implement.


Cushman 1600 XD Using the Farmboy LD with a 2-Row Planter
In this video we demonstrate the versatility our Farmboy LD 3-point hitch provides to the Cushman 1600 XD by using it to operate a 2-Row, Flex 71 Planter. The Farmboy LD’s universal design allows it to mount onto either the front or rear of the vehicle. With its 400 lb. Lift limit, and its available hydraulic down pressure, the Farmboy LD makes many tasks ranging from aerating, to planting to snow plowing much easier. The Farmboy LD is available for other machines as well, including the Bad Boy Buggy and the Kioti Mechron 2200.


John Deere flex 71 planter for ATV/UTV market
We have developed a one row John Deere / Yetter flex 71 planter that can be used behind a ATV/UTV/Lawn tractor for small produce farming, hunting food plots, pumpkins, and more. It can apply 300 lbs. of down pressure.