Toolcat Selector Valve

Toolcat Selector Valve

Toolcat Selector Valve
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Quick Specifications

  • Quick Installation (30-45 minutes)
  • Provides a pair of rear auxiliary hydraulic ports
  • No drilling or welding required


Approximately 30-45 minutes

Shipping Method

Lead Time

Approximately 2-3 business days

* Lead time will vary based on product availability and ship date.

Install time is approximate and may vary.



Toolcat Selector Valve – This Rear Auxiliary Hydraulic Selector Valve for the Bobcat Toolcat 5600 is designed to maximize both the versatility of the vehicle, as well as the convenience of the person operating it. With its quick (30 min.) installation, this Selector Valve won’t require the user to wait a full day before being able to use it. While this Rear Auxiliary Valve does sacrifice some of the hydraulic flow present in the machine, its 7-8 gallons per minute is still more than enough to run most available Category 1 implements and attachments. Use of this Selector Valve does not take away the use of the dump bed, since the valve quickly switches back and forth. This Selector Valve comes in either a manual or electric option, entirely up to the convenience of the consumer. The quick connect fittings we provide for rear auxiliary hydraulics make switching out implements easy and efficient.



Rear Auxiliary Hydraulic Selector Valve for the Bobcat Toolcat 5600


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