Predator G

The Farmboy Predator G

The Farmboy Predator G
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Quick Specifications

  • Quick Installation (15-30 minutes)
  • 500 lb. lift limit
  • Hydraulic down pressure
  • No drilling or welding required
  • Fitted for John Deere Gator 625i, 825i & 855d


Approximately 15-30 minutes

Shipping Method

Lead Time

Approximately 2-3 business days

* Lead time will vary based on product availability and ship date.

Install time is approximate and may vary.



The Farmboy Predator G – The Farmboy Predator G is one of our 3-point hitches for the John Deere Gator 625i, 825i & 855d. Capable of lifting 500 lbs., this standard Category 1 hitch is perfectly suited to turning your Gator into a machine capable of planting or aerating. With its 500 lbs. of available down pressure, the Farmboy Predator G is even more beneficial, eliminating the need for weights to be placed on an aerator.

The installation of the Farmboy Predator G is also quick and easy – taking only 15-30 minutes for a complete installation on the rear of the machine. Everything is bolt-on, with no drilling or welding necessary, making the installation as easy as it is quick.

The Farmboy Predator G can be adapted to fit onto the front of the vehicle as well, making it even more versatile.  Extra brackets and a wiring harness are required to mount to the front.

Please contact your John Deere dealer for load specifications or visit this link John Deere

*Sway chains are available for this unit at a small additional charge.