RTV 500 Bed Lift

RTV 500 Bed Lift

RTV 500 Bed Lift
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Quick Specifications

  • Quick Installation (45 minutes to an hour)
  • No drilling or welding required


Approximately 45 minutes to an hour

Shipping Method

Lead Time

Approximately 2-3 business days

* Lead time will vary based on product availability and ship date.

Install time is approximate and may vary.



RTV 500 Bed Lift This RTV 500 Hydraulic Kit for the Kubota RTV 500 provides hydraulic dump bed capability. This greatly increases the convenience of the vehicle and makes it much more user friendly. No drilling or welding is necessary at any point during the installation of the Hydraulic Kit, and it is the only kit engineered this way. The 440 lbs. of lifting capability in this Hydraulic Kit match up perfectly to the limit Kubota set in its specifications for the dump bed.



Kubota RTV 500 equipped with our RTV 500 Hydraulic Kit