Farmboy Sport X

Farmboy Sport X


Farmboy Sport X
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Quick Specifications

  • 3-point hitch system
  • Front or rear attachment
  • Standard 2 inch receiver
  • Lift capacity of 500 lbs.
  • 500 lbs. hydraulic down pressure


Approximately 30 minutes

Shipping Method

Lead Time

Approximately 5-7 business days * Lead time will vary based on product availability and ship date.

Install time is approximate and may vary.


Farmboy Sport X

Farmboy Sport X is a versatile 3-point hitch system that works on Kubota RTV-X900, X1100C, X1120D and RTV-X1140s.  It can easily be attached to either the front or the back of your RTV-X to maximize its utility. The Sport X can be used to operate your planter, cultivator, watering system, seeder, lawn dethatcher, arena conditioner, snow plow or one of many 3-point hitch attachments that previously could only be used by a compact tractor. The Farmboy Sport X comes fully assembled and can be easily taken on and off your RTV-X in approximately 30 minutes with no changes necessary to the already existing equipment. Farmboy Sport X is fastened to the RTV-X with a standard 2 inch receiver, as well as two additional brackets which attach to the frame. These additional brackets bear 90% of the load, relieving the hitch of a majority of the strain, while also compensating for side-load pulling.

Farmboy Sport X also comes with our RTV-X Hydraulic Conversion Kit included. This kit provides 2 quick connect hydraulic ports to the RTV-X.
Although it is easy to put on and take off, the Farmboy Sport X is designed to be able to be left on with full function of the utility bed and driving. The Farmboy is capable of supporting Category 0-1 attachments and has a lifting capacity of 500 lbs. In addition, the Farmboy has hydraulic down pressure, which is a unique feature not found on typical 3-point hitch systems. For example, you could no-till plant with a standard planter or use the Farmboy for dethatching lawns with the available down pressure.

*Sway chains are available for this unit at a small additional charge.


Farmboy Sport X

Farmboy Sport X Operating a Landscape Rake