Farmboy Sport

The Farmboy Sport

The Farmboy LD
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Quick Specifications

  • Quick Installation (15 minutes)
  • 400 lb. lift limit
  • Hydraulic down pressure
  • No drilling or welding required
  • Fitted for the Cushman 1600XD, the Kubota RTV 900, 1100, 1140 the Kioti Mechron 2200, and the Bad Boy XD


Approximately 15 minutes

Shipping Method

Lead Time

Approximately 2-3 business days

* Lead time will vary based on product availability and ship date.

Install time is approximate and may vary.



The Farmboy Sport

The Farmboy Sport is our 3-point hitch for the Kubota, Kioti, Cushman and Bad Boy Buggies.  Capable of lifting 400 lbs., this standard Category 1 hitch is perfectly suited to turning your UTV into a machine capable of planting or aerating.  With its available down pressure, the Farmboy Sport is even more beneficial, eliminating the need for weights to be placed on an aerator.

The installation of the Farmboy Sport is also quick and easy – taking only 15 minutes for a complete installation on the rear of the machine.  Simply slide the hitch into the receiver, attach the upper mounting points (which take 90% of the weight and compensate for side load) and you’re done!

Please contact your Kubota, Cushman, Kioti or Bad Boy Buggies dealer for load specifications or visit these links: Kubota Cushman Kioti Bad Boy Buggies

*Your vehicle must have hydraulic capability to be able to use the Farmboy Sport.  Sway chains are available for this unit at a small additional charge.



Cushman 1600 XD Using the Farmboy LD with a 2-Row Planter