Ape Hangers

Ape Hangers

Ape Hangers
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Quick Specifications

  • – Attach to 1″ tubing
  • – Bolt on for maximum stability
  • – Come in a variety of sizes
  • – Perfect for attaching tools to either a dump bed or our Bed Bosses


Can attach in about a minute

Shipping Method

Lead Time

Lead time is about 2-4 days


Ape Hangers– These Ape Hangers are designed to slide over 1” tubing. With a variety of options including different clamp sizes, different amount of clamps, and other, custom options, we have an Ape Hanger for any job. We have Single Standard Ape Hangers, Single Mini Ape Hangers and Double Standard Ape Hangers. However, we are able to make custom Ape Hangers – just let us know what you want!


Bulkhead Bed Extension

Installation of Bulkhead Bed Extension

Bulkhead Bed Extension

Bulkhead Bed Extension