Dave, Wisconsin, 12/5/2011

What products did you purchase from UTV Hitchworks?
> Farmboy for Kubota RTV 900
Was the installation easy? If not, how could it be improved?
> It was pretty straightforward.  Some parts of the installation were tight quarters but it was fairly simple to work around that.
Are you pleased with the performance of your products?
> Works very well. The documentation wasn’t clear about the lift height, so you graciously made us some shorter lift arms, now it works fine.
How are you using the products you purchased from UTV Hitchworks?
> Use it primarily for creating food plots. I use a 48″ disc behind the RTV. The 3 point hitch allows me a lot of flexibility to get around in tight spaces (rather than trying to back up something that short).
Is there any feedback not covered by the previous questions that you would like to give UTV Hitchworks?
> Product is very unique and very well built. I have had no problems, but I have only had it one season. I hope to add additional implements, likely a landscape rake, etc. One suggestion would be to link to products, on your website,  that are of the quality, weight, height, etc. that would work well with the Farmboy.  I obviously bought a disc that was too tall, having one that I knew would work would have been good for me.


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